Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown

If you have never been to Rome, a great way to explore the city before even getting there is by watching travel shows and documentaries about the Eternal City. One of my favorite and very well done shows is the series, Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown. This show is produced by the Discovery Channel, so you can be sure that it is well researched and of good quality. In the show’s first season, Ms. Brown visited Rome and explores the city giving viewers an idea of what to expect and things to do. One of the interesting aspects of this show is the way in which the hostess presents the city.

It’s not simply ‘go here’ or ‘do this’ kind of travel show – Ms. Brown tries to capture the culture and beat of the cities where she has traveled. She interacts with locals and shows you that it isn’t hard to get off the beaten track. You’ll learn a little history, see some great art, and it will certainly picque your interest before your own trip to Rome! In later shows, she visits not only Rome, but Florence, Bologna, and Naples (as well as other cities in Europe!).

The show can be found on television (check your local listings), but you can purchase the episode on Rome from Amazon Unbox for only $1.99.

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