Museum of Roman Civilization

The Museum of Roman Civilization is one of my favorite museums in Rome because of several large plaster cast models of the city, which recreates ancient Rome in its splendor through this large scale model. Since the current city today is a mish-mash of ancient, medieval, renaissance and baroque architecture, it is often difficult to see the city as it was in ancient times.

The models give the visitor a glimpse into the past and how Rome most probably looked like in its ancient past. The models help you see what might have been there had the city survived ancient times better than it did.

Unfortunately, the museum is currently undergoing renovations so it has limited hours. I would suggest calling ahead before trekking to the museum to make sure that it is open. Phone number and contact details are available on the museum’s web site.

Ticket prices for the museum are 6.50 euro – you may qualify for a reduced price. Check out the web site for more information on tickets. There is also a combined ticket for the Museum of Roman Civilization as well as the planetarium and the Astronomy Museum for a total cost of 8.50 euro. Take note that in Italy, the ticket offices tend to close an hour before the museum closes. If the museum is scheduled to close at 5:00pm, the ticket office will close at 4:00pm.

The museum is located in EUR and can be reached by taking Linea B metro line and getting off at the EUR stop or by bus. Visit the web site for details on taking the bus to the museum. I don’t usually take buses in Rome, so I can’t comment on them. The metro, in my opinion, is faster and more convenient.

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