Rick Steeves – Travel Guru and a Wealth of Information

Anyone planning a trip to Rome, Italy or Europe in general should definitely check out Rick Steves’s website. Rick Steves is a regular on PBS with his excellent travel documentaries. These 30 minute gems are excellent at providing background information, history and other useful information to the traveler. Check your local PBS listings to see when the next episode of Steves’s show is on the air.

Rick Steves also does podcasting. Using Itunes or your favorite podcasting program you can listen to and download his programs which also just as useful as his travel documentaries. For more information, check out his website here.

His website also has a cool section on Rome and the rest of Italy. Some of the sections feature slide shows, and there are articles full of travel advice and tips. If you are looking for more exhaustive information, Rick Steves also publishes a line of travel books which you can purchase at almost any book store, such as Borders, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com. You can even purchase them on Rick Steves’s own web site. I find his travel books enjoyable and helpful and have used them myself on my own trips to Italy.

I enjoy Rick Steves’s recommendations because he caters to the average person. His restaurant and hotel recommendations are pretty trustworthy, in my opinion, and you definitely can’t go wrong!