Best of Rome Travel Guide

Best of Rome by Abigail Hole, part of the Lonely Planet ‘Best Of’ series of guidebooks, is a small pocket size guide that you can take with you as you traverse the streets of Rome. For the size and price, you can’t go wrong. This book is just the bare bones essentials and is useful for walking around the streets of Rome wondering what you will get up to next.

It’s divided into various sections, my favorite being the first section – Highlights. These first pages of the book detail some of Rome’s most important features and sites and each profile contains contact information, how to get there, is it handicap accessible, hours of operation and ticket prices, where applicable. Entries are further helped along with photos and small factoids to help pique your interest in the sites.

The back of the book contains a directory and index that contains a brief summary of important things to know while you’re traveling, such as the location of internet cafes, the embassies and so forth. There is even a small section of useful Italian phrases. The index will help you to find things quickly in the book, although at only slightly over 100 pages, you shouldn’t have trouble locating things you’ve seen in the book.

The middle section of the book contains listings and recommendations for places to eat, sleep, night life, trips, tours and shopping. Again, tread carefully with the recommendations listed in any guidebook and always remember…Caveat emptor (Buyer Beware!). The last chapter of the book before the director and index is a brief but enlightening history of Rome.

I like this book because it is compact and could easily fit in my back pocket. The price is reasonable, and the book is well designed and well constructed to withstand the rigors of a trip to Rome and back several times. I really enjoy my copy and would encourage you to take at least one guidebook with you to Rome. While my favorite guidebook of Rome is the National Geographic Traveler edition, I really enjoy this one because it has a lot of practical information that one is going to need while vacationing and holidaying.

Compact, easy to use, concise…you can’t go wrong!

Rating: 9 out of 10

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