Roma C’è

This is one of my favorite sites on what’s going on and what to do in Rome. Roma C’è is a publication that a lot of my Italian friends use to find things to do when in and around Rome.

It’s comprehensive and easy to use. Even if you don’t speak Italian, I think that it is not too difficult to figure out the listings. Roma C’è is published every Wednesday. It contains listings relating to music, art, theatre, cinema along with recommendations on clubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels and more.

The site is in Italian, so each week I’ll try to talk up an event going on that I think is of interest to everyone. There’s a downloadable English section (just 8 or 9 pages) that you can download to your PC as a pdf file.

So before or during your next trip to Rome, check out Roma C’è to find out what is going on in the Eternal City!