Map of Rome’s Center (Centro di Roma)

Ciao tutti!
(Hi Everyone!)

I’ve gotten a few requests from people asking where they can find a good map of Rome’s center online. I created one using Google Maps, or you can view a reduced version of the map below. I created a boundary (in red) that highlights the center of Rome, the Vatican, and some other important areas of Rome. So it’s not the exact geographic or socio-political center – it’s more accurately the center of Rome which also includes some other important areas that the tourist and traveler might be interested in. While that’s not to say that areas that exist outside the boundary have no value, many of the requests received have been from people who are spending only a few days in Rome. So if you’re not sure of Rome’s center or what it encompasses, I’ve taken some of the guesswork out of it. I’ve also added a few landmarks to help you navigate through the city. I’ll add more landmarks in the coming weeks as I continue to build the site. Suggestions for improvement are greatly appreciated!