Travel With Rick Steves Radio Show (and podcasts!)

Rick Steves has a radio show, broadcasted each week, where he addresses various topics. On February 23, 2008 the topic of the radio show was the culinary differences and regions of Italy. I suggest that you give it a listen. The show was very good, and I learned lots of interesting things.

To listen to the show, download Itunes and subscribe to his podcast or use whatever podcasting software that you prefer. The instructions for listening can be found on his web site by clicking here. If you’re not into podcasting (you don’t need an Ipod to use podcasting – just a computer and a media player to listen to the file), you can listen to the show through Windows Media player. Clicking on that same link will take you to the archives of the show. Scan through the archive and listen to many of Rick’s other shows dedicated to Italy.

The show is in English.