Ancient Rome On 5 Denarii A Day?

Picture it — 25 BC.

You live in the outer provinces of the Roman Empire, and you’re looking to take a trip to Rome, the eternal city and capital of your great empire. You’ve never been to the capital, but now business necessitates that you make your way to Rome to handle some important transaction. Now you have a guide to help you plan your trip.

Check out Philip Matyszak’s Ancient Rome on Five Denarii A Day. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t really a travel guide for the ancients, but a fun, playful guide that explains the history, customs, and culture of the ancient Romans and does it in a whimsical manner that makes reading about history fun and interesting!

While not really a travel guide, the author profiles ancient Rome in such a way that you could literally take this guide and explore the city. While many of the ancient sites mentioned are no longer in their former glory, there’s still much that you can learn with this book. The last two chapters of the book which talk aobut “Walks” and “Sites” are still quite relevant to the city today. If you’re a fan of ancient history or simply want to understand what you will see on your trip to Rome, then you won’t be disappointed with this “travel guide”.

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