Cool City Walks: Rome

On your next trip to Rome, you might do well to take your mp3 player with you as you meander about the city. But before you get on the plane, purchase and download this Iaudioguide to Rome. This wonderful audio guide hits some of the most important sites, piazzas and locales in Rome. The Rome tour currently has 16 “stops” — at each “stop” your “virtual tour guide” explains to you what you’re looking at as well as some important history surrounding the building or location. The guide also provides practical information about what to see and do at your attractions and things to watch out for. With a mixture of fact, legend and lore, the audio guide concisely and expertly informs you about the wonders of the Eternal City.

The “tour guide” has a pleasant and clear voice and excellent diction. You shouldn’t have any trouble hearing him over the din of Rome’s traffic and congestion noise. He also provides you with some useful tips in addition to the historical and art historical facts.

I highly recommend this audio guide, and it costs only 4.95 euro — which is about $8.00 (USD). With the download you get the 16 tracks, a play list (which will organize the tracks on your mp3 player) and a map to help you acclimate to Rome. The map is not overly detailed so be sure to get a map from your hotel (as the guide will advise you) or purchase one before you arrive. I don’t advise navigating Rome without a map — be sure to watch your valuables and keep your wits about you when consulting a map.