Estate Romana

While I’m a bit slow on the draw, this web site is something to hold onto for next year: Estate Romana. This web site (which features a companion site in English) is a list of events that take place during the summer in Rome.

The web site is very detailed — telling you where to get tickets, how to get to some of the events, maps, phone numbers, and more. Some of the event descriptions are not translated into English, but it should not be too difficult to figure out some of the events. Contact information is listed for most of the events, so if you ever have questions, you could always call or email for more information.

The web site is broken down into various sections:

  • Art
  • Cinema
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Books
  • Music
  • Kids events
  • Summer evenings

There’s also a map of Rome (one of my favorite features), subdivided by neighborhoods — that way, you can find events that are near to where you are staying as well as those events outside your area that might be of interest ot you. There is also a calendar to help choose your events.

So if your travels to Rome take place next summer (that is, in 2009), bookmark this web site.