Campo de’ Fiori

One of the most Roman of piazzas is the Campo de’ fiori.

This piazza is located near the Piazza Navona, but unlike the Piazza Navona, was never realized architecturally. The Campo dei fiori literally translates as “the field of flowers” and was originally a meadow. Later the piazza served as a horse market and an important route for wealthy individuals heading to other parts of Rome. Bars, hotels and shops sprung up around the campo in order to profit from the customers coming weekly to the horse market.

During the Baroque era, the Campo served as a place for public executions, and a statue of the philosopher Bruno Giordano stands there to serve as a reminder of the past.

Today, the area serves as a fruit, vegetable and flower market in the morning hours. Later in the day, the area serves as a “park and recreational” area for local children, often hosting small football matches. It is also an important meeting place, too, and at night can be quite lively! If you’re looking to mingle with the true inhabitants of Rome, this is the place to go. There are bars and gellaterie (gelato shops) so you can grab a late night espresso or an ice cream cone as you explore Rome at night or after a night on the town.

You can find the Campo de’ Fiori just south of the Piazza Navona. There’s no metro stop nearby, but you can probably get their by bus or walk. Check out the map below:

*photo is in the public domain