Etruschi: Le antiche metropoli del Lazio at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Opening on October 21, 2008 at the Palazzo delle Espozioni in Rome is an exhibit on four of the most important Etruscan cities. The exhibit, entitled Etruschi: Le antiche metropoli del Lazio, focuses on the four ancient metropolises of Veii (modern day Formello), Tarquinia, Vulci and Cerveteri.

These four cities were important centers of Etruscan culture and each had a unique role in art history. While all four were important Etruscan centers of art and trade, this exhibit strives to show not only the artistic difference between these four important cities but also the religious, commercial and sociological differences. These differences are seen in the various art forms that were employed in each city. Some cities excelled at terracotta and pottery while others were well known for their painting and architecture.

The exhibit also strives to show each city and their relationship with the burgeoning city of Rome, still in its infacy during the apex of Etruscan civilization. While the Etruscans “reigned” over the Italian peninsula, Rome was just a small outpost of civilization — who knew back then that in only a short time, Rome would defeat the Etrucans and completely absorbed their civilization and culture.

Tickets can be purchased at the museum’s box office. Remember that in Italy, box offices and ticket offices tend to close an hour before the museum. Tickets cost 12.50 euro. You can also purchase tickets online by going here.

The exhibit takes places from 21 October 2008 until 6 January 2009.

The Palazzo delle Espozioni is located at Via Nazionale, 194 in Rome. You can see it on the map below. It’s easy to reach on foot wherever you are in Rome, or you can take the Metro Linea A to Repubblica and walk south-west down Via Nazionale to the museum or Metro Linea B, getting off at Cavour and walking north. You can see both stops on the map below.

If you prefer the bus, the following buses stop near the museum — whichever bus you take, your stop (fermata) will be Fermata Nazionale/Palazzo Esposizioni:

64, 70, 71, 116T, 117, 170, 640, H

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image: Etruscan winged Horses, Museo Nazionale Tarquinese, Tarquinia, Italy; from Wikipedia Commons, GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2; image owner: Ulrich Mayring; image original can be found here: