News and Updates

I have some more posts to add in the coming days, but I wanted to make you aware of some updates:

  • The list of strikes has been updated to carry through until the end of November. I try to update the information every two weeks. As always, the most updated list of information can be found on the Strike Commission’s web site (if you have a question about reading the table, please email me, and I can interpret the information for you).

  • I’ve created an online store, “Il Foro Romano” (The Roman Forum), that contains a listing of travel guides of Rome, Italy as well as books on the history of Rome, travel language guides, documentaries, movies and more. Each of the items was hand selected by me, and I’ve read or own all of the items in the store.
  • If any of my readers has a suggestion or a question about Rome, traveling to Rome or anything else pertaining to the blog, please email me. Questions that readers pose often make great posts, and I promise never to use anyone’s name or divulge their email address or personal information. Got an idea or a question? Email me:

    info at knowingrome dot com