3-D Rewind Rome

Coming out on November 20th, 2008 is a new 3-D animated movie about Ancient Rome. Entitled Rewind Rome, this cool new project has the involvement of some big names in Rome — from the involvement of Rome’s mayor, to the actors, Carlo Verdone and Joe Champa (who both provided their voices for the project).

The project has recreated Rome during the 4th century AD during the reign of the emperor Masentius (Massenzio in Italian). A guide, known by the name of Sapientius, acts as your cicerone (tour guide) — showing you around the ancient city. Viewers can see such landmarks in Rome, such as the Roman Forum, the Temple of Vesta, Basilica Aemilia, and the Colosseum — you’ll feel like a tourist in Rome. There’s also a three dimensional gladiator fight that viewers witness which is part of the whole experience of being rewound back in time into Ancient Rome!

The movie will be shown in a movie theater nearby the Colosseum at the Teatro Colosseo (see map). Tickets are priced at 10 euro per person. For information on booking and tickets, visit 060608.it or the attraction’s web site.

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*image borrowed from La Repubblica multimedia presentation about this show on 3-D Rome