Alitalia Update

For anyone traveling to Rome in the coming days and weeks, it would be best to reconfirm your flight, especially if you hold a seat on Alitalia. Recent strikes and work stoppages have created problems for travelers, and, with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, it would be good to double check before heading the airport.

November 30th is the last day in which the CAI offer (CAI is a group of Italian investors who have come together to try to save and restructure the airline into a smaller, more profitable country) for Alitalia remains on the table. Expect more unrest as that date approaches, especially from rogue employees and some of the unions who are unhappy with the terms of the new country.

Be proactive when traveling and keep your eyes and ears open for any news of unrest in the newspapers and the news. Always check with your airline a few days before traveling. The good thing is that if your flight is canceled, most airlines will help you find alternatives to reaching your final destination. Even if you’re not flying on Alitalia, other flights could be affected as strikes are often held at the airport and can great some hassle for travelers.

source: EU backs proposed Alitalia takover, AP (as viewed on the New York Times)