Expect disruptions in Rome

The education strikes in Italy are continuing and seem to be getting more intense and larger.

If you happen to be in Rome today, expect major disruptions of traffic and services and thousands of students, faculty and staff at the major universities in Rome take to the piazzas in protest for the proposed changes proposed by the Berlusconi government. The faculty, staff and students see their education system “under attack” and have been protesting these changes for weeks.

The strikes generally tend to be peaceful but as a tourist, you should avoid them and avoid becoming embroiled in any problems. The strikes may close certain roads and bus routes, so if there was a good a day as any to leave the city, you might consider today to be one of those days.

You can see the developments of the strike on this map by visiting here:


*image provided by La Repubblica — http://roma.repubblica.it/multimedia/home/3682953