I giallorossi (yellow-reds) v. i biancocelesti (white-blues)

The Derby della Capitale (also known as the Derby di Roma) or the Rome Derby takes place this weekend on November 16, to be precise.

The derby features a showdown between Lazio and Roma, the two Serie A teams in Rome. The derby happens twice a year — the next derby will take place on April 11, 2009.

The fan base of the two teams is quite unique, and the city is almost divided into two parts as one half the city “roots” for Roma while the other “roots” for Lazio! Pre-match displays of fan devotion can be seen in and around the stadium. As the statistics show, Roma has a slight edge in historical match-ups: 43 wins for Roma and 33 wins for Lazio! Let’s see if Lazio can win this one in their quest to even the score! ;)

The matches tend to be very exciting and emotional, and if you happen to be in Rome this weekend, you might try to get tickets and check out the atmosphere and the experience! As Christian Panucci was once quoted, “Credetemi, io di derby ne ho giocati tanti: quello di Milano, quello di Madrid, i tanti derby di Londra, ma Roma è la città in cui la passione per la stracittadina è più forte.”* (Believe me, I have played so many derbies : those of Milano, Madrid and the many derbies of London, but Rome is the city in which the passion of populace is stronger.”

*La Gazzetta dello Sport, 26 April 2007