Rome’s Subway Expansion in Jeopardy?

A recent La Repubblica Rome article has brought to light the fact that money is running out for Rome’s Metro expansion project.  In the article, an important environmental group, Legambiente Lazio, has written to the mayor, asking him to make sure that funding for the project is secure and full.  It’s no secret that pollution in Rome is a problem, especially smog, and there’s a huge need for increased public transport to keep automobile use down.  Extending the metro to some outlying areas will allow those who live further outside Rome to make use of public transport to get into the city.

Tourists and visitors to the city would most certainly benefit from his metro expansion, particularly since any public works project that keeps cars out of the city will in the end not only make the city more liveable for those who inhabit the area, but it will help to cut pollution which will preserve many of Rome’s monuments and sites which are, for the most part, what brings many of the tourists there each year.  Less traffic would make getting around the city much easier, and cleaner air would also mean better health for Rome’s citizens. 

The cost of the project is high, with one official quote as saying that each kilometer of the expansion costs 150 million euro.  Many in Rome think the cost is worth it, and, if it makes the city cleaner and more attractive to visitors, perhaps it just might pay for itself in the end.

*image: Rome, Termini; image is in the public domain