Artcock & The Classical Review

If you’re in Rome the next week or so, check out an interesting exhibition by Artcock ( entitled The Classical Review, featured at Galleria “Off The Street” Their works were recently profiled in Repubblica Roma and blur the boundaries between artist and subject, with the artists themselves becoming participants in their work. Also on exhibit are drawings and stencils.

The group is made up of three artists (all from Rome, I might add): Federico Maria Tribbioli, Niccolò Berretta, and Filippo Silli. You can see some samples of their work here,, as well as on their MySpace page.

Their works are quite unique, sometimes comical all the while borrowing from classic works of art, such as Caravaggio’s “Doubting Thomas” or David’s “Oath of the Horatii”. Their works cannot be written off as being reproductions of originals but are, more accurately, reinterpretations of the Old Masters into something new and energetic that captures the spirit and essence of the old while at the same time creating something new that promotes the artistic spirit of its creators.

View Repubblica Rome’s web site (the link I provided) for some samples of their works. You’re bound to recognize some of them. Galleria “Off The Street” which is located at Via Dei Piceni 1 (00185) in Rome. The exhibition continues unti March 20, 2009.

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