Bizzarro Gallery, Rome: Giocattoli per malinconici

If you like the bizarre, then you are bound to enjoy this sculpture exhibition at the Bizzarro Gallery in Rome entitled Gioccatoli per malinconici, a group of sculptures that the artist, Gabriels, describes as “..non…affatto sculture, bensì giocattoli. Più precisamente, giocattoli per melanconici.” (“…not quite sculptures, but toys. More precisely, toys for the melancholy.”).

Many of the pieces can be opened and even disassembled, with various “body parts” being removed and separated from the main work, a sort of “dissection” or “autopsy” where the viewer can observe the inner-working of these melancholic “toys”.

The “toys” stick must meet specific criteria, almost like the conditions that one might find for something made in a factory, although the conditions set forth by the artist are not so much conditions of quality control but on the way in which they must touch those who “play” with these toys — the experience is specific and engaging.

If you wish to learn more, a statement about the artist and his works can be found in English on the gallery’s web site as well as images of some of the sculptures.

The museum is located next to Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MACRO). The gallery is a short walk north from the Metro B stop (fermata) of Policlinico.

The gallery can be reached by phone/fax @ (+39) 06 44247451 or by email,

They are open Monday through Saturday, 11:30am to 7:30pm.

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