Ecopolis 09

Ecopolis 09 is a three-day event in Rome that opens today and seeks to explore solutions to creating sustainable cities. The fair will feature exhibitions and a three day conference of interesting and thought provoking events that looks at problems and environmental issues faced by cities such as pollution, dealing with waste, transportation, energy, health and providing water.

The conference seeks to bring together scientists and innovators, administrators and city planners, academics and teachers, as well as architects and engineers along with members of the general public as a way of letting all those involved in city management and urban planning what is out there in terms of technology and practice.

The program is a robust one with talks on governance, creating cities of the future, how climate change will affect city and urban planning/development, and an interesting talk on human nature and urban nature.

You can watch a video on Repubblica TV that talks about the conference and its goals (in Italian). La Fiera di Roma is located on Via Portuense, 1555 (00148) in Rome.

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