Driving in Italy

An informative post on driving in Italy was published on Italy Logue. If you’ve ever wanted to drive in Italy but weren’t sure of all the particulars, this post is most helpful, accurate and up-to-date. So if you’re wondering if you need an international driver’s permit or curious about what kind of maps you might need, or better yet, where do you park the bleepin’ car once you reach your destination, then you have to go to read this post!

While I’m a big advocate of public transport and being “green” when traveling, sometimes that’s not always practical, possible or logical — especially if you have small children and lots of things to lug around, travelers with mobility issues, or staying in villas or agriturismi that are off the beaten track.

The post can be found here:


*photo: in the public domain, view of the Piazza Araceolio with traffic and pedestrians
(did I mention, with traffic?)