Nasoni di Roma

Un nasone is slang for those small water fountains, also known as a fontanelle — as seen in the picture here which, if you’ve ever been to Rome, you’ve probably seen them everywhere and wondered if it was safe to drink from them.

Today on’s Rome Edition web site, there’s a super sweet Google Map that shows all the locations of the free, clean and drinkable water in and around Rome. If you’re heading to Rome, you can safely and freely drink from these fountains. Bring with you from home one of those environmentally friendly metal bottles that are all the rage now and do your best to avoid purchasing bottled water — plastic water bottles are the scourge of Rome, and you tend to see more of them on the ground than in the trash cans. I find the water from these fountains to be slightly metallic tasting and a bit flat, but it’s free, it’s good for the environment, and it keeps those plastic bottles off the streets. isn’t the only entity to create such a map — there’s also a pretty decent one that you can find here.