Seeing before going (2) — RomePhotoBlog

Recently, I blogged about this photographer who is based in Rome (visit his site). I just enjoy his photography because when I see his photos, it feels like I am actually walking through the street of Rome and also because he has taken photos of a great many things that I have yet to see.

This blog, RomePhotoBlog, has a different kind of take on photography — a set of photographs that seek to capture the character and personality of Rome. The photographer is Jessica Stewart, who has been in Rome some years now. Many of her photos are whimsical, capricious…even comical in some respects. She captures a Rome that a casual tourist might not see or even want to see. For those of you who have been to Rome many times, you might appreciate more the way in which her “eye” works and how the most mundane of images can communicate so much. Some of her photos also have a level of detail that you might miss in your own walks and jaunts through the city, as she spots certain details and then “enlarges” them in a way that give them a greater presence and voice. Her photos have a way of bringing you into her world, and you almost feel a part of her experience living in the Eternal City. There is a definitely sense of vicariousness in her work that is sometimes too compelling (even attractive) to ignore.

Pay her blog and visit. You can also find her blog on Facebook.