UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Exhibition at Villa d’Este

With forty-four World Heritage Sites, Italy is so far the leader (with Spain in a close second!), and it’s no surprise given the amount of history – natural and man-made – that has come out of Italy over the centuries. From north to south, Italy is a veritable treasure trove of cultural significance and historical importance, and this significance is currently being celebrated with a photographic exhibition at the Villa d’Este in Tivoli entitled: Il paesaggio de/scritto: luoghi italiani patrimonio dell’UNESCO. This exhibit features photographs of Italy’s World Heritage sites from the Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto in south-eastern Sicily to Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy by the noted photographer, Luca Capuano.

The exhibition runs from the 13 March 2010 until 18 April 2010. More information (in Italian) can be found at the web site for Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali. The Villa d’Este is closed on Mondays. Tickets cost 6.50 euro.
The villa opens at 8:30 AM and closes at sunset (during the month of March, the villa closes at 5:15 PM, in April it closes at 6:30 PM) — remember that the ticket office closes an hour before that and most Italian museums discourage last minute entrances.
Tivoli isn’t too difficult to reach — I blogged about it a while back. Check out my post on things to do in addition to this exhibition as well as how to reach this cultural jewel.
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