Week of Culture in Rome | La Settimana della Cultura a Roma

If you’re in Rome or heading to Rome in the next few days (although your travel plans may be in doubt due to the erupting volcano in Iceland which has closed over two-thirds of most European flights), read this article in La Repubblica about the Week of Culture in Rome (although they call it the “Week” of Culture, it’s actually ten days, from April 16 to the 25).

If you’re curious as to what’s on offer, La Repubblica has put together some photos of some of the places that you can visit. For more information, visit 060608.it as booking may be required to visit some of the sites, especially the archeological ones. As you read the list, if it says “prenotazione” that means you’ll have to phone up and book yourself a spot. For some of the listings,bookings will not be required.
Even if you are lucky enough to live in Rome full-time or are a resident, this is a great time to explore the rich history, culture and art that the city has to offer!