Bike sharing in Rome

Not sure how long bike sharing has been going on in Rome, but it’s a healthy and quick alternative to getting around the city. Whether it’s faster or not, remains to be seen, but if you enjoy biking, this might be a great way to get around the city and see the sites. Personally, I’m not a bike rider so I can’t say how effective this program is or how easy/difficult it is to get around, but considering the number of locations and the number of bikes available, it should prove to be an excellent means of transportation.

You have to register for the service at one of three points in city and pay a 5 euro fee. After that, you can “charge” the card with money to use the bikes. It costs 0.50 euro for every 30 minutes that you use the bike for a maximum of 24 hours.

One of my favorite things about the web site is that you can check to see if there are any bikes at your desired “station” before heading out. There are 22 stations around Rome, and you can see how many bikes each station has available by visiting their modified Google map.

Personally, I still feel that the best way to see and experience Rome is on foot, but I think that you can see just as much, possibly more, of the city on bike. To learn more about bike sharing in Rome, visit their web site. Don’t forget your bicycle helment — remember: safety first!

NB: After playing around with their site, I realized that the English version never seemed to appear for me. I’ve summarized most of the important points in this blog post, but if you have further questions, it might be best to use the contact form on the Atac web site.