Colosseum News!

If you’re heading to Rome and you’ve never been to the Colosseum, now is the time to do so!  Starting on Tuesday, the Colosseum will be opening up the upper levels as well as the underground portions (where the animals and prisoners were kept) for the first.

There are two caveats:

  1. You have to book in advance.
  2. You have to go on a guided tour.
Both are obligatory so if you’re expecting to explore on your own, you won’t be able to, at least for the newly opened portions.
These portions of the Colosseum will only be upon until November 30th (according to, so if you’re in Rome during this time, this is certainly something don’t want to miss.  For more information on booking, check out this page in English from — I would advise booking by phone to the number listed on that page.