101 Things to do in Rome at least once in life

101 Cose Da Fare A Roma… di Ilaria Beltramme

Sadly, this wonderful book about Rome will require some advanced use of Italian, but I think that even with an intermediate understanding, you might be able to appreciate this book.

101 Cose Da Fare A Roma Almeno Una Volta Nella Vita is a beautiful book about things that you should do on a visit to Rome but maybe never thought of doing. It is a part of the Newton Compton 101 series of book, and there are travel books with similar themes for other cities and regions in Italy (click here to see a list from ibs.it). Some of the suggestions might seem pretty ordinary (such as the chapter on having a gelato — I mean, who won’t have a gelato in Rome?), but the author goes out of her way to tell you where and why you should visit a particular place.  The chapter on having coffee is also equally informative.

Of course, there are more than 101 things to do in Rome, but having read the book, I really believe that many of the suggestions mentioned could be done without even trying to do them.  If you’re a coffee drinker, you’re bound to have it, even without trying to have it.  Simply things like making slight adjustments to your plans might be all that would be required to tackle the author’s wonderful suggestions for this ancient city!

This charming book has playful chapter titles and makes suggestions on things to do that you might not find in your standard guidebook that will, perhaps, give you a more Italian understanding of this wonderful city.  Also, many pages of the book are decorated with lovely watercolouring and pencil sketches of the Eternal City that make reading this book a pleasure.  It really is a shame that more of these wonderful Italian titles do not have a wider English audience.