Rome’s Tourist Tax : update

image of the Piazza Navona in RomeAs reported earlier this year, Rome has instituted a tourist tax for visitors to the city.  What does this mean?  Anyone staying in a hotel, agriturismo, apartment or other lodging (hostels are exempt!) must pay this tax upon checking out.  The tax is collected for the first ten days and is applied per person, not per room/accomodation.

It was reported earlier that the tax had to be paid in cash, but there has been some clarification on this.  According to the rules set forth by Rome’s City Council, the tax can be paid with a credit card if the booking has not been prepaid, however, if the booking has been prepaid, then the tax should be paid in cash when checking out.  Please take note that even if you book through a travel agent or prepay for your hotel before you arrive, you will still be responsible for this tax upon checking out.  The tax ranges from 1 euro to 3 euro per night per person depending on the type of accommodations that you choose.  There have been some clarifications on who needs to collect this tax.  You can see the exact breakdown based on accommodation by clicking here.

Remember to figure in this tax as you plan and budget for you trip.  For example, if you and your family (wife and two children) stay in a three star hotel, the tax will cost you 8 euro per night.  A seven day stay will cost 48 euro (about $70): 2 euro per night x four people x 6.  If your stay exceeds ten nights, you are only charged the tax for the first 10 evenings.

There have been some minor updates and clarifications, and you can read about them here.  There are several download pdf’s, and there’s also one in English.