Using Taxis in Rome

image of St Peter's Basilica

Ciao amici!

I just wanted to send out a reminder about using taxis in Rome. Today in Corriere della Sera there was an article and video about how people were being stiffed by taxi drivers.  I forgot to mention the use of taxis in my last post about Safety in Rome.  Because Rome has been the target of transport strikes with greater frequency, this is an opportunity for customers to be taken for a ride, and not just in the literal sense.  When cheaper public means of transport are not in operation, it can make getting to your destination difficult.

First, never get into a car that is not proper licensed with the taxi authority in Rome.  This means getting your cab from a taxi stand.  Many drivers will walk up and down the line trying to get people to hop into their car.  Once they get you, they will often overcharge you and use your luggage (or your loved ones) as hostages.  Don’t put your safety or your wallet in jeopardy.  Second, always make sure that you have an idea of how much the ride will cost, including how much the driver intends to charge for luggage and passengers.

Finally, if you’re not sure or you feel uneasy, go with a different driver!  Stick to the taxi queues and report any licensed taxi driver to the proper authorities!

I always advise travelers to use taxis as a last resort and to support public transport when traveling.  Getting to the city center from the airport is easy with the Leonardo Express.  Once you reach Termini Station, you have even more options for getting to your hotel/hostel/lodging:  metro, bus or simply walk (although this can be rough depending on how much luggage are towing along!).