Piramide di Caio Cestio

Pyramid being restoredMost people who come to Rome always marvel at the fact that Rome has a pyramid! Really, a pyramid?  This is one of my favorite monuments in Rome (and not only because I live across the street from it).  It is such a strikingly beautiful monument, simplistic, but unlike any other in Rome.  I love how it just sets the tone of the whole neighborhood.

The Pyramid is currently undergoing some much needed cleaning and restoration thanks to a donation from a Japanese businessman (you can read more about his donation here).  Restorations will hopefully reveal whether or not there is a second chamber inside the structure.  You can get better views of the pyramid and the ground it stands on if you pay a visit to the nearby Cimitero Acattolico which allows you to see down into the structure’s foundation.

Piramide from via Marmorata

The pyramid was incorporated into the defensive walls of the city which most likely saved the monument from being destroyed or dismantled. Lucky for us that it still exists today. Even the interior chamber is painted. Hopefully, once the restoration is complete, a nice monograph of the restoration will be published. I’d be curious to see the inside myself.

So how do you get to the monument? Unfortunately, the scaffolding kind of ruins the view, but you can still get an idea of what it looks like — even better if you see the monument from inside the cemetery. It’s easy to get to — just take Metro B to the Piramide stop, and it’s literally the first thing you see as you exit the station.