June 2nd: Festa della Repubblica

Colosseum: interiorJune 2nd in Italy is the Festa della Repubblica.  Even though it is a holiday, many museums and sites remain open since holidays are one of the few times that residents of Rome have the time to visit many of these museums.  I received an email from a reader who had trouble purchasing tickets to the Colosseum for the 2nd of June.  It is open, and I was able to successfully make a reservation.

This link from Coopculture seems to be the most reliable, and the one that I always used when I go to the Colosseum (I’ve been four times since January showing various friends around… I should get a job there I’ve been so often):


For more information about visiting the Colosseum, check out this post I wrote in January.  I will reiterate that it is most helpful to pre-purchase your tickets with a reservation since you can skip the always extremely long line to get in.  There’s a special ticket window for people who have pre-booked that is used almost exclusively for these types of ticket holders so your wait will be minimal at best.  Judging from the tickets available that day, there will only be a few tours running.  If you want a fuller Colosseum experience, might be best to wait until the next day.

If the Colosseum is not for you or you have been, then check out the Musei in Comune web site which lists information for many of Rome’s museums.  The web site is: http://en.museiincomuneroma.it/.

To see the list of museums, scroll down a bit, and on the left-hand side, it says “Including”.  Click on that, and you’ll see a list of the museums.  Click on each one to learn where it is located, the hours, cost of entry and so-on.  Musei in Comune also has an app for Android and iPhone/iOS users that has a neat map function to show you where all the museums are.  You can find the iOS app here and the Android app here.

There’s also a possible transit strike on the third of June — the day after the holiday, too!  So that might be an excuse to get out of Rome and hit as many of these museums as you can on foot for the day!

Buon viaggio!