Roma Pass

Heading to Rome and looking to save some money? Check out the Roma Pass. This pass offers free admission to two museums, discounted admission to a slew of others as well as free use of Rome’s public transportation system for three days.

Details on purchasing the pass (it currently costs 36 euro) can be found online. If you plan to spend at least three days in Rome, then this is an excellent pass for you. If your visit extends longer than 3 days, the pass is valid from the moment that it is used (either on public transport or when first used to enter the first museum you choose). So you might consider spending 3 days of your stay in Rome visiting many of the museums which accept the Roma Pass.

You get a free map, your transportation ticket, and a news publication highlighting what’s on in Rome as well as a guide that lists all the museums that accept the pass. At 30 euro, the pass is quite a bargain, especially if you plan to do a lot of sight-seeing.

The pass always for free transportation on the ATAC buses and trams, the metro (lines A and B) as well as the railway lines of: Roma – Lido, Roma – Viterbo (in the Roma – Sacrofano section), and Roma – Pantano. There are a lot of great sites on these railway lines, and free travel will make getting around Rome more economical. If your stay extends longer than 3 days, you could purchase another Roma Pass or simply pay the regular fair. Rome’s transportation is not expensive and quite affordable.

Remember, if you arrive in Rome on a Tuesday, visit your first free museum on Wednesday, the pass expires midnight on Saturday so be sure to get your money’s worth and use the pass once it becomes active. The pass “activates” from the moment it is validated. Also, the museum portion of the pass and the transportation portion are two separate passes. The museum portion is activated when you visit your first free museum; the transportation portion activates when you validate it before your first ride. Instructions on how the card works (in both English and Italian) can be found here on the Roma Pass web site.